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High Definition Video on PlayStation3

You can playback HD video on PlayStation3. If you have the PS3 connected with HD display, and select our "File for PS3", you can playback our contents with High Definition high quality video.

The file stored in the "HD File for PS3" DVD is created by the MPEG2 video with ".m2t" wrapper. This is exactly the same as the file created by HDV camcorder. Since PS3 can read and playback HDV file, the stored on the DVD is recognized as the HDV file.

We are shooting the image with HDV camcorder(Sony HVR-Z1J) and transfer the file to Non-Linear Editing System(Adobe Premiere Pro CS3) and are editing the file on Native, and readout the timeline with ".m2t". This process has no file decoding and re-oding and keep the picture quality on the best condition.

If you have PS3 and HD display, we would recommend "HD File for PS3" for high quality playback. Also, HDMI cable is recommended for the connection between the PS3 and HD Display vecause of the digital signal connectioon rather than the analog component cable.

However, plase be careful this disc cannot be played back by the DVD player.

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