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Ura-Bandai Autumn HD file for PS3

Price $19.99


Bandai Heights, which is in Bandai-Asahi national park, is located north of Mt. Babdai and is called Ura(Rear) Bandai compare to the south area of Mt. Bandai called Omote(Front) Bandai. Urabandai is a hights surrounded by three mountains such as Mt. Bandai, Mt. Adatara and Mt. Azuma. It was created by the eruption of Mt.Bandai in 1888, and by the damming rivers. There are three large lakes, such as Lake Hibara, Lake Akimoto and Lake Onogawa, and a lot of beautiful marshes.

Sample video is available HERE.


DVD single layer / HDV File (.m2t)/ 1440x1080 / 16:9 / MPEG2 25Mbps encoding / English and Japanese title / English and Japanese Explanations / approx.20min. / High Definition Video shooting / BGM Piano Solo

Caution : PlayStation3 and HD TV set should be required for playback..

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