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Lake Towada and Oirase Streams Blu-ray Disc

Price $29.99

Lake Towada and Oirase Streams

Oirase is the river flowing out from Lake Towada. It is located in Aomori prefecture in Tohoku Japan.

It has many beautiful stream seans and water falls while hiking on the pass to the Lake Towada. 

Many famous points of the Oirase streams and falls from Ishigedo to the Choshi big falls are shot by High Definition videop camera and stored in the Blu-ray disc, which is newly developed for distributing HD video instead of DVD.

Lake Towada is the largest caldera lake in Honshu island of Japan.  It has beautiful scenes especially in Autumn and the colors of the trees are turned to yellow and red. It is very beautiful with the contrast of the lake color, deep blue.

Sample video is available HERE.


BD-R single layer / NTSC / 16:9 / 16bit PCM Audio / 25Mbps with no re-Encoding/ English and Japanese title / English and Japanese Explanations / Maps / Oirase Streams(about 20min.)/ Lake Towada(about 13min.)/High Definition Video shooting / BGM Piano Solo 

Caution : BD is not available to play back with DVD player. It should be required BD palyer or PlayStation3 and HD Display.

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