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Kamakura is a old capital in Japan and it was the first capital opened by Samurai. It is rather simple and less-color landscape when compared with Kyoto but there is the Japanese beauty for scilence and simplicity. June is the most famous season in Kamafura because of many hydrangea at each temples.

Following three temples are recorded in our DVD or Files.

Jyochiji Temple

Jyochiji Temple is located in the North Kamakura area. This temple was opened in 1281, in the Kamakura period. The temple gate named "Sho-Ro-Mon", which is the symbol of this temple, has a temple bell on the 2nd floor and is in sight at the top of the stone steps.
At the side of entrance gate, there is a small well, called 'Kanro-no-i', said to be one of the Ten Celebrated Wells in Kamakura.
Walking through under the Sho-ro-Mon, it appeards the old big house named "Don-Gen-Den", which has three statues of Buddha inside

At the side of this house, narrow path leads you into the temple garden and you can find several many statues at the side of the path.
Stone Stature

Kaizoji Temple

This temple was built in 1253 but was burned down in 1333 with the fall of the Kamakura Shogunate. Thereafter it was re-built in 1394, in the Muromachi Period.

Kaizoji temple is famous also for flowers, such as, in Spring, azalea, rhododendron and ume blossom, in Summer, hydrangea and balloonflower, and in Autumun, red leaf trees.

Hasedera Temple

Hasedera Temple was built in 736, more than 300 years earlyer than the start of the Kamakura Shogunate. The Eleven-Headed Kan'non statue measures 9.18 meters tall, the highest wooden statue in Japan. The flowers bloom in all seasons but the hydrangea in June is most beautiful. Hydrangeas blooming on the slope is the famous scene of this temple.

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