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Video Four Seasons

Video Four Seasons are producing high quality HD(High Definition) video image of Japanease beautiful seasons.

We are using High Definition professional cameas for shooting and editing with HD non-linear editing systems.

All of the video images are processing with High Definition bases and produced as the High Definition image files, such as WindowsMedia9 or MPEG2-TS. WindowsMedia9 files can be played back on PC and MPEG2-TS files can be played back on PlayStation3 (PS3).

These files are recorded on DVD as the data and you can play back them on PC or PS3.

We are also preparing HDV tape, which can be played back on HDV video cameras.

Normal DVD are also prepared for DVD Video Players but they are not the High Definition quality.

Video Four Seasons provide you the Japanese beautiful nature landscapes but they have no noisy narrations and very few titles, and very slow zooming and camera work are used.

BGM is also quiet and slow piano solo is playing behind the picture.

Please relax with the high quality images and quiet piano solos.

Please contact to info@videofourseasons.com if you have any comments, requests or questions.

Thank you.

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